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Science can be explosive

We have been experimenting with things that we can find in the kitchen .  We have been learning all about gas.

 And now for the big one !

Cross Country 2019

On Tuesday the 21st of May, the sun was shining and finally the children in Piwakawaka were able to run in the Cross Country Race for 2019.  There was lots of fun, laughter and fast running!
 All the children completed the race.  Everyone was a winner. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Award Winners this week

In Pīwakawaka 22 and 23 we have been practicing mindfulness everyday.  There is a growing body of research which shows that mindfulness can support the general wellbeing and academic performance of children.  It is a great way to reset and recharge during the day. 

If you would like to try it at home there are many apps and websites that you could try. Our classroom favourite is the GoNoodle - Flow series - check it out!

Another Great Day in the Kimihia Construction Area!
Today at Kimihia the children had to make a concept design before they could start creating. They had to think about what they wanted to make, how they were going to make it, and what materials they were going to use to put it together. We had great success, check out the picture below....

Kia Ora to the whānau that bought in all the boxes today, it really helps when everyone brings in a little bit, so thank you :) 

Another great concept design!
Look at the amazing resemblance of her concept picture to her creation. Well done Josefa!

Nafim made Sonic the Hedge Hog. It even had two blue eyes 
Jemima made a lady bird!
Having some fun with a big box. Viyan made a jet boat and he had to push all the buttons to make it go. Then he was off..... vrooooooooom!!
Stefanie made a wonderful tiger, it even had a tail and ears!


In Piwakawaka 1 and 2 we have been using the first part of the day to find out more about birds by exploring a group of different activities.

What a lot of fun we had making and creating, exploring playing and discussing .



On Friday we introduced a new element into our Kimihia explorations; Science experiments.
We found out about what happens when Bicarbonate of Soda and vinegar are mixed together.  Whoo Hoo look at that gas!!

Then we experimented with blowing up a balloon using the gas that is created when we mix these two ingredients together.

KimihiaShoeBox Fun!!

We were kindly gifted a large amount of children's shoe boxes for Kimihia on Friday so we got creative! 
Two stations were set up:
1. We had a car port station 2. Letter box station with envelopes and all

Students quickly got busy with creating unique and thoughtful inventions. The letter boxes were by far a favourite and many tamariki received letters that afternoon.  There was a lot of respect shown during this time (which is our school value for the week). Students were helping one another with their creations, taking care of the equipment and helping tidy up.  What fun we had, I wonder what we will make next week?


Assembly Friday 10th May
Kia Ora Whānau, thank you to all those that came to our assembly on Friday! We welcomed some new tamariki to our school, celebrated some birthdays and some incredible students achievements and those showing our school value of Respect. Mana Bear also found a new home for the week, I wonder what adventures he will get up to this weekend?