Heart of Achievement Assembly run by P22

Yesterday we had our last assembly in Pīwakawaka. It was a special Heart of Achievement Assembly run by the wonderful children in P22.   Here are the Heart of Achievement Winners !! And here are the wonderful P22 children that ran the assembly with Catriona. Great Job everyone! Happy Holidays 

Searching the Shoreline P22 and P27

 Summer was back for a day when we went on our Searching the Shoreline trip to Spencer Park. What a wonderful day spent exploring the beach and learning about the effects of humankind on sea life. We wrote messages in the sand as reminders to us and the public to keep our beaches clean. A big thank you to parents for all of their support and to Tracy from Christchurch City Council for sharing all of her knowledge. 

Searching the Shoreline P26

 What a sunny day to go to the beach !!! This was Chris telling us all about the different animals and plants that live on the sand in the ocean . The children had to discuss with their buddy and solve the problem about where each of the living things would be found on the beach. And then off to the beach to find the treasure! Makes you hungry and thirsty all this searching!! The children then had to look at their treasures and put them into the pile that was natural and should be at the beach and the things that were man-made that should not be at the beach. After we looked at some pictures of how sea creatures and birds eat lots of manmade things by mistake we made sculptures in the sand and wrote messages to help keep our beaches clean and safe. A wonderful day was had by everyone. Thanks to all our lovely parents that made our trip possible. We love sharing our learning with you.