Friday, 15 February 2019

Welcome to school Assembly

In our first assembly of the term we welcomed all our new entrants into their new school journey in Piwakawaka. Thank you to all the whanau and friends who came to see them get their certificate and be formally welcomed.

Sunday, 10 February 2019


Our Little Piwakawaka's had lots of fun, fun, fun during Kimihia on Friday. 

They chose which activities they wanted to be involved in and were really enjoyed creating, exploring and working with others.

Look at me pretty in pink !

Construction Zone is a busy place.

Making and eating sandwiches Yum Yum .

Lego and cars.....


Dolls Houses......
Paper and felt pens...

Playing ball games....

And working in the kitchen.

It was wonderful to see all the children talking and collaborating with others. Looking forward to next week.
Don't forget that parents and caregivers are more than welcome to join us.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Let's go swimming!

The P22/23 children had a great time at the pool on Thursday. We were exploring all the different ways we could move in the water, building our confidence and trying new things.


Play is an important part of getting connected with our new friends in Piwakawaka 1and 2. 
We have lots of fun working together building things, making things move, dressing up and dancing to different sorts of music.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

First day at school P22/23

The first day was all about getting connected, exploring our space and making new friends. What a wonderful start to the year.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Welcome back Term 1 Newsletter.

Dear Parents and Caregivers.
Welcome to St Albans School.  
Starting school is an exciting time and we absolutely love having the privilege of
being your child’s teacher for 2019. Pīwakawaka is the Maori word for fantail.

Welcome to the Piwakawaka team this year, Sarah Hendrikx. Sarah will be known as Whaea Sarah.
Sarah will be teaching with Whaea June in Piwakawaka. She is the home base teacher for Piwakawaka 22.

 June Thompson is the Year 0/1 Piwakawaka team leader. June will be known as Whaea June.
June will be working with Whaea Sarah in Piwakawaka. She is the home base teacher for Piwakawaka 23.

 Lucy Whyte is the homebase teacher for Piwakawaka 1. She has taught in the junior hub for the last three years. Lucy will be known as Lucy.
Lucy will be teaching the children that have only been at school a short time. She will be working with Julie Baker in the Piwakawaka 1/2 space.

Julie Baker is the homebase teacher for Piwakawaka. Julie came back to St Albans after teaching in an international school in Shanghai for four years, where she was teaching in the junior school. Julie will be known as Julie.
Julie will be teaching the new entrant children and will be working with Lucy in the Piwakawaka 1/2 space.

Cara Wallace is the Piwakawaka release teacher. Cara was teaching with Whaea June last year. Cara will be known as Cara.
Cara will be teaching every Thursday in Piwakawaka 23 and some Wednesdays in Piwakawaka 22. When the home base teachers have release Cara will be the relieving teaching.

We are very fortunate to also have two wonderful teacher aides working in our team.
Kait Trainor   Cherie Lynn.

Over the first few weeks we will be building relationships with your child and setting routines and expectations in our classrooms.
Personal Belongings:
We provide pencils, crayons, felts and colouring in pencils therefore your child does not need to bring these to school so they can keep them at home for their homework. Your child is welcome to bring a toy to school on a Friday to play with at Kimihia time but this will be totally your child’s responsibility. Please keep toys and precious items at home, on other days, as breakage or loss can be very upsetting.
We have a full school uniform at St Albans that each child is required to wear. School hats are compulsory in Term 1 and 4.  Please leave these hats in your child’s locker at the end of the day ready for the next day.  If your child goes to after school care e.g., OSCAR, they ask that the children wear their hats home. So please return them with the child the following day.
Please make sure all items of your child’s clothing are named as we will be swimming in the school pool and due to all the children wearing uniform, ownership can be an issue.  Packing spare underwear, socks, shorts in your child’s school bag is also helpful in case of accidents. There is a lost property box located outside the office.
We will be utilising the school pool this term for three 30 mins sessions a week. Our days are:
Pīwakawaka 22/23: Tues: 1.30pm, Thurs: 11.00am, Fri: 1.30pm
Pīwakawaka 1/2 : Mon: 1.30pm, Thurs: 10.30 am, Fri: 1.30pm.

Please send your child’s named togs, towel and goggles in a waterproof bag on these days, even if the weather isn’t fine in the morning, as it may change. We get changed in our spaces and walk over to the pool for our lesson.
Drink Bottles:
Please supply your child with a drink bottle daily.  We are a ‘water only’ school.
At St Albans school we are all about keeping everyone safe. We do not have anyone in the Pīwakawaka hub with any extreme food allergies e.g., nuts therefore there are no restrictions at this stage on any specific food, you can put in your child’s lunchbox.
Reading folders and reading books:
Reading folders need to come to school daily.  These contain a home reader book, which will have the child’s reading book, listed inside it.  Please write a comment each night and write the number of nights in the space provided.  Once the child has read for 25 nights they get a sticker and every 25 nights thereafter. 
There will be a weekly newsletter, which will be posted to the Pīwakawaka blog. Please read this weekly so that you know what your class is doing and what your child may need.
Junior Team Assemblies:
These are held every Friday at 9.10 am in the school hall, led by the children. All new entrants will be given a ‘Welcome to School’ certificate at these assemblies in the week that they start. All whānau are welcome to attend these assemblies. Our first assembly will be Friday 8 February.
Please remember to ring the office if your child will be away. A roll will be taken at 9.00 am. Any absences will be noted and if the absence has not been notified the office staff will be in contact.  If you are late, please collect a late pass from the office.
Bell times:
School is not officially open until the 8.30am bell. Children who arrive early are required to wait on the astro turf in front of the office. Please help your child to arrive by 8.45 am.  This is so they have enough time to put away their belongings and unpack what is needed for the day.  To help develop independence and establish class routines we ask that you leave as soon as possible after your child is settled.
Three o’clock:
This is a busy time of day, making sure all children have notices and belongings and once they see their wonderful parent that is all they want to focus on. So please wait outside the classroom then the children can focus on the instructions given. (This will change over the term as the children become used to routines). If there is no one to meet your child outside the classroom after school, they must come back inside the classroom. If your child has not been collected by 3.15pm they are sent to the school office, due to teacher meetings.
Class blog
Pīwakawaka blog link can be found on the school’s homepage or on the school app. This blog will be updated frequently with exciting things that are happening in our classrooms.
Contact details:
It is important that we have up-to-date email, phone and address details for you. Most of our correspondence with you will be via email. If you do not have email contact please let the homebase teacher know.
Daily timetable for Monday to Thursday. (This will vary in the first few weeks due to our swimming timetable)
9.00 School starts: Classroom programme.
10.15 Interval – children go outside to play.
10.30 Children eat inside.
10.40. Classroom programme.
11.10 Fitness
11.30 Classroom programme
12.30 Lunch
1.25 Classroom programme
2.45 Pack up and Reflection.
Friday’s timetable will differ from above to include Assembly, Te Reo, Music and Kimihia.
Kimihia: Every Friday from 11.00 am – 2.30 pm the children will be involved in Kimihia which means seek, search, find out. Through child-directed learning with teachers being the facilitators, the children will engage in a variety of planned activities creating, exploring and working with others to extend their knowledge and develop the key competencies through a ‘learn through play’ programme. We would love your help during this time to engage with the children. We would also like a parent to be available at this time to read to the children in the quiet space. If you are keen to come along please let your child’s home-base teacher know.

The first term at school is all about establishing routines, reinforcing organisational skills, giving children success and being positive about school.  The children will also be developing their self-management and independence skills during this time.
Please ask your homebase teacher if you have any queries.
Thank you for letting us teach your wonderful children!
Yours sincerely
Piwakawaka Team
June, Lucy, Sarah, Julie, Cara, Cherie, Kait.