Cultural Art

Japanese Koi Fish and Aboriginal Art 
Look at our Japanese Koinobori meaning carp streamer. Carp are symbolic in Japan for strength and courage. People fly these windsocks on Children's Day, the 5th May, in honour of children and to wish they grow up healthy and strong. 

We have also created some aboriginal Australian art and learnt about the technique of dotting paint onto paper. Aboriginal artist work with bright and natural colours representing their nature and animals in their artwork. 

The story of a piece of wool

This week during our Inquiry Stations the children were exploring all the things that they could do with wool. 
Some children made colourful cats and wands and wool insects

Some children made fishing rods and developed a pond to fish in!

Some children started making a river to catch the fishing in. 

All from a piece of wool - what a wonderful thing Imagination is 

P2 and P5 Cultural Dress Up Day

CULTURAL DRESS UP DAY The children in P2 and P5 dressed up on Cultural Dress Up Day on Friday.
They enjoyed sharing the names of their costumes and were very proud to show them off to the rest of the school.
What a wonderful celebration we had.

How to make toast...

Today we began learning about instructional writing. We talked about the process of making toast and then we experienced making toast and the importance of following the instructions in the correct order. Tomorrow we will write the instructions using our knowledge from today's experience.

What other things do you know that have instructions? Maybe you could bring an example into school to share with the class.

Cultural Food and Dance

Here are some more photos from last week's Cultural Awareness Week showing some of the amazing foods we were lucky enough to try. We tasted a Sengalese dish prepared by Sahel's mum, Indian snacks from Kapish's mum (spicy!) and South African treats from Alex's mum and Oliver's mum.

We also made Mexican quesadillas, Chinese dumplings and Indian mango lassi with the teachers - delicious!

It was fun to dance the Chori Chori together as a school and watch talented children perform dances from their culture.