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Learning the letter U

Learning the letter U
We were learning about the letter U for phonics today. So we made a HUGE umbrella and played lots of fun activities. We made Bob the Teddy Bear go Up Up Up! We had running races Under the Umbrella. Then we all went Under the Umbrella together!
So much fun was had in Pīwakawaka 22


Today we did fitness inside. Watch us follow instructions and make our whole leg go round in a circle.

Whoops - so wobbly

The letters P and T

In the Oral Language Group we have been learning about the letters and sounds of P and T.

We had so much fun Playing with the Parachute we could not make the ball POP 10 times because we were laughing so much .
Have a look!!

We also drove our Taxis and Trucks all over the classroom and the playground.
We made our Traffic Travel under the Table, on the Table, Through the Tunnel and out the door.

We had a race to see which vehicle would go the furthest.

Having Fun with 2D shapes

In Piwakawaka 2, we have been learning all about 2D shapes.

We have learnt how many sides and corners they have.
We found objects in the class that looked like these shapes and then played a game jumping in the shapes in the playground.
We love shapes.

CERTIFICATE WINNERS IN PIWAKAWAKA  (22nd of MARCH 2019) Wow!!! we had a fabulous group of certificate winners in Piwakawaka this week.  They were  celebrating their achievements in the classroom and the Value of fun- Yippee.

Drama Fun in Pīwakawaka 22 and 23 
We have been reading the big book "Its my Bread" all week. The story of different animals who come and claim ownership of some bread. While the animals argue with each other and each new animal that comes the ants slowly and effectively carry the bread away, piece by piece.

During the week we made masks and learnt to say words that were in speech marks with different voices. 

On Friday we put it all together and acted out the story with each person getting a chance to play a character. It was great fun! Tino Pai to Whaea June for leading this great drama play!

Our Wonderful Achievers

On Friday at Assembly these children got the achievement or the value award for the week. Well done Piwakawaka.

Talking about S

In the P1/P2 Oral language we have been exploring the letter and sound S.
We has so much fun finding lots of things that start with 's' around our school, making sailboats and Superhero S Capes .

Trying to look sad😢 - but it didn't work very well.                                                                         Steps or stairs  that start with s 
 Stop ! Stop ! Stop !Our wonderful sail boats.
Superheroes !!!
Another great Kimihia in the construction area!

We were given a roll of stickers which we used today instead of sellotape. 
Thank you to all the wonderful people who are bringing in their small boxes (Shoes boxes, crackers boxes etc). 

Marae Visit

Piwakawaka, Parerā and TTRR walked to the Rehua Marae on Wednesday. We were formally welcomed on with a powhiri and we learnt how to hongi our hosts. In the wharekai we had cookies and water then went back to the wharenui to learn about the panels and carvings. We drew these patterns in our books.
A big thank you to all the whanau that supported us on this wonderful outing.