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Kimihia in Pīwakawaka 22 + 23
We had so much fun this afternoon doing a kimihia in our own classroom.  Lots of tamariki made headbands, played with playdough, painted, played with games and dolls. 

Friday Aquagym Fun
Today we had so much fun in the water!
Monday 4th March will be our last aquagym with our wonderful instructors so please feel free to come and watch your tamariki (child) swimming. This will be from 11.10 - 11.30am

Pīwakawaka Fantail

Pīwakawaka / Fantail 
Harper took some more photos of a pīwakawaka (fantail) that he spotted at the Zoo. We talked about all the colours of the pīwakawaka feathers. 

Cheeky Little Fantail song:

Cheeky little fantail,
Flying through the air,
Snapping at the sandflies,
Darting everywhere.
Cheeky little fantail,
Love to see you fly.

I could never catch you,
Wouldn't even try.

I love to watch you

Flippin, flappin, flippin, flappin, flippin, flappin everywhere.
I love to watch you
Snippin, snappin, snippin, snappin, snippin, snappin everywhere!

Piwakawaka 1 and 2 Aquagym fun.

We have had so much fun learning new things in Aquagym this week...  Look at us swimming. 


In Maths today the children played 'Racing to Twenty' with their buddies.
They had to roll the dice, count the number shown and then move their counter on the board.
It was fun to see who could get from Start to Finish first."Watch out I am catching up to you."

Whoa you got a six !!!
"And I am going to shake my dice over here."

"Let's get going with our game - you go first.."

"Move your counter 3 places."

"I am winning the game !!"

"Now how do I move six and jump over your counter ?"

Aquagym Pīwakawaka 22/23

We have had so much fun at aquagym this week. We have challenged ourselves and made a lot of progress. Thank you to the instructors for making swimming fun!