Saturday, 26 May 2018

Our Big Backyard - Our Tūrangawaewae

We have identified a problem: There is too much waste at our school. We are learning to solve this problem by following the five Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. We are learning that our actions affect the environment of our community.

Ngā Kiwi 1, 2 and 3 discussed what we are already doing to reduce the amount of waste at school. We are making lots of great choices such as:
- Reducing plastic packaging for our morning tea kai
- Using an organics bin for our fruit scraps
- Reusing yoghurt pottles for art
- Using reusable containers for yoghurt
- Using kai carriers

We decided to have a look in our classroom rubbish bin to see what was inside. Once we had listed all the objects we brainstormed ideas to reduce the amount of waste in this bin.

The problem
How can we solve it?
Whiteboard pens with no lids

  • Put the lid back on when you have finished using the pen
  • Find out if we can reuse the plastic part of the pen
  • Use our whiteboards for writing letters, words and numbers
  • Be gentle with our pens

Yoghurt pottle
  • Put yoghurt pottles in the container to be washed and reused
  • Use a container

  • Look for a way to reuse them
  • Bring your own reuable cup

Chip packet
  • Reuse the chip packet and make something new
  • Take it home and put it in the soft plastics recycling
  • Make your own!

  • Use handkerchiefs
  • Reduce the amount you use

Muffin with a wrapper
  • Eat it
  • If you’re full, eat it later
  • Make your own

Glad wrap
  • Use a container
  • Use reusable wrap

Gluestick with no lid
  • Make sure you put the lid back on when you have finished using it

We also found le snak packets, a plastic wrapper from milk, crackers, a felt pen and a peg.

On Thursday we went for a walk to see the creek at the edge of the field. This is where some of our rubbish ends up if it's not disposed of properly. We spotted quite a few pieces of rubbish and managed to pick them up before they blew into the creek. This showed us how our actions affect the environment of our community.

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